Ex-NYPD Cop Battles Demons, Possession After Coming 'Face-to-Face With Evil'

An ex-cop is on a mission to fight a different kind of villain: spiritual evil. Chris DeFlorio, a former officer with the New York Police Department, is using his investigative skills to help people who believe they're facing ills from the demonic realm. DeFlorio and his wife, Harmony, run New York Demonic Investigation, an organization that seeks to explore these potential scenarios. "It wasn't until I pretty much focused full-time into this area, which we'll call demonology, through the church, [that] I started to try to differentiate ... the secondary evil that I was seeing on the street in human beings," he told Billy Hallowell for a forthcoming episode of the "Playing With Fire" podcast. "And then [I wondered], 'What's behind that? There must be a primary evil.'" That's when DeFlorio began to take a Bible-based approach to try and understand these evils — a path that led him to apply his law enforcement skills to demonology and biblical understanding of the manifestation of evil. Harmony DeFlorio explained the roots of New York Demonic Investigation were set in 2009 when the family launched a homelessness ministry.

On Chris' NYPD shifts, he started talking to the homeless and engaging them to try and help. "We would give toys and we would make sandwiches and things like that," Harmony said. "And then it just grew where we would go out and preach the Gospel and, and make sandwiches and just started from there." Chris said the couple found Jesus in 2009 and almost immediately launched into ministry mode. "Almost instantaneously, God brought us to the streets," he said. "It just grew over the years. ... I would sit on the cardboard with them [and] talk with them, sharing Jesus." Things changed for Chris when he went to Africa and encountered a man who some thought was having a seizure. But as a former paramedic, he knew something was off. "I've seen thousands of seizures," he said. "And something spiritually was going on at that moment. I looked at the man having this, this episode and it was kind of like we locked eyes." He continued, "And at that moment, I'm telling you ... that's the first time I felt I came face-to-face with pure evil."

Chris said the man's eyes were blackened and the entire experience shook him to his core. When he got back home, he started researching spiritual matters and began to learn more. Soon, he found himself getting involved in what he calls a "tangible battle." Watch the husband and wife explain their fascinating profession.

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