Ep 2 - Psychology and Spirituality | Psychology with a Soul

The Psychology and Spirituality weekly talks are based on the works by Joanna de Angelis and offer a safe space to confront, compare, correlate, and expand spirituality concepts from a psychological lens bringing insights, actionable tips, and real-world advice to help you lead a better life.

During today's discussion, Dr. Anahy Fonseca discusses bringing soul back to psychology through highlighting the relationship between psychology and spirituality.

Program is sponsored by:
• AME Brasil - https://amebrasil.org.br
• Mansão de Caminho - https://mansaodocaminho.com.br
• International Spiritist Council - https://cei-spiritistcouncil.com
• United States Spiritist Federation - https://spiritist.us/

• The Red Book - Carl Gustav Jung
• The Conscious Being - Joanna de Angelis | Divaldo Pereira Franco
• The Integral Human Being - Joanna de Angelis | Divaldo Pereira Franco
• Reflecting the Soul - Gelson Luis Roberto
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