Ep 1 - Psychology and Spirituality | Premier

The Psychology and Spirituality weekly talks are based on the works by Joanna de Angelis and offer a safe space to confront, compare, correlate, and expand spirituality concepts from a psychological lens, bringing insights, actionable tips, and real-world advice to help you lead a better life.

Jussara Korngold, Secretary General of the International Spiritist Council and Vice President of the United States Spiritist Federation, launches the initiative to discuss concepts found in the Psychological Series, written by Joanna de Angelis with the collaboration by Divaldo Pereira Franco.

In this podcast-like discussions we find the spiritual and psychological resources to enable the process of self awareness, discovery and spiritual renewal.

Program is sponsored by:
AME Brasil - www.amebrasil.org.br
Mansão de Caminho - www.mansaodocaminho.com.br
International Spiritist Council - www.cei-spiritistcouncil.com
United States Spiritist Federation - www.spiritist.us
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