English Livestream ALETHEIA Media Conference 12.11.2021

Please note that there was a technical issue with the live stream. A complete version of the Event will be uploaded soon.

Why Switzerland has to stop all Corona measures immediately and return to its global role as a role model for democracy. A medical, scientific and legal assessment with international guests.

Dr Andreas Heisler, General Practitioner, President ALETHEIA
Kati Schepis, Dipl. Pharmacist ETH
Dr Thomas Binder, Cardiologist
Robert Kennedy Jr, Founder and Chairman of the Board Childerns Health Defense
Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari Inc.
Philipp Kruse, Attorney at Law, LL.M.
Dr. Björn Riggenbach, General Practitioner

ALETHEIA – Medicine and science for the application of proportionate measures
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ALETHEIA - Medizin und Wissenschaft für Verhältnismässigkeit
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