Engaging the Healthcare Workforce in Innovating for the Future + Hospital Español's Commitment

As the world emerges from the pandemic, it is becoming clear that the extraordinary efforts taken to fight the pandemic have come at a price. Dr. Engel will speak in his keynote about how patient safety has suffered: there is data demonstrating deterioration on a number of metrics. To come back on track, Dr. Engel will speak about how patient safety needs to be “mainstreamed” as a core component of organizational strategy. We also need to be aware that in a complex system, safety cannot be achieved by one single route – we need to deepen our understanding of safety and design a multipronged strategy; furthermore, we need to fully leverage the potential of involving patients as partners for safety.

Hospital Español in Mexico City, Mexico was one of the first HRO Champions to be recognized thanks to their excellent leadership. We'll hear from them about why they have focused on becoming an HRO Champion in this commitment announcement.
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