Electron Therapy for the Precise and Non-Invasive Treatment of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Electron Therapy has long been the standard of care for non-surgical treatment of skin cancer in radiation oncology.

IntraOp’s Mobetron SC is designed specifically for a radiation oncologist to administer care in the dermatologist’s clinic. Electron therapy follows recommended NCCN guidelines and has established CMS codes.

Electron Therapy improves patient satisfaction. It is a convenient treatment for patients, requiring as few as 8 to 15 minutes at their local dermatology clinic. As a non-invasive solution, it produces no cutting or scars, and patients may remain on prescribed blood thinners or other medications. Electron Therapy is particularly well-suited for treating cosmetically sensitive areas such as the ears, nose, lips, or around the eyes. It is also a perfect option for treating the lower extremities where blood flow can sometimes be an issue for some patients. There is no pain or discomfort.

Complementing a Mohs program by adding a non-invasive solution provides significant business advantages. Your practice becomes a multidisciplinary center of excellence for skin cancer. Your patients receive effective treatment with excellent cosmetic results, and you receive a solid return on investment.

For basal and squamous cell carcinomas, electron therapy is an ideal treatment solution for non-surgical candidates or those with cosmetic concerns.

IntraOp’s technology is designed for your dermatology clinic and will deliver effective treatment with excellent cosmetic results to your patients.

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