Eating Salt Raises The Risk Of Autoimmune Disease?!

In a recent interview with Dr Michael Klaper I heard worrying information about salt and autoimmune diseases. So is salt safe to consume? What conditions are linked with high salt intake? Let's find out

Salt promotes pathogenic TH17 cells

Over-salting ruins the balance of the immune menu.

Salt linked to autoimmune diseases

Salt generates antiinflammatory Th17 cells but amplifies pathogenicity in proinflammatory cytokine microenvironments

Sodium chloride drives autoimmune disease by the induction of pathogenic TH17 cells

The influence of sodium on pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis
High salt diet accelerates the progression of murine lupus through dendritic cells via the p38 MAPK and STAT1 signaling pathways,High%20salt%20diet%20accelerates%20the%20progression%20of%20murine%20lupus%20through,Signal%20Transduct%20Target%20Ther.

Dr Michael Klaper

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