Eating Right While on the Road | Trucker Healthy Eating

Do you want to know how to eat healthy as a trucker? If you live a life of trucking and you want to know how to stay healthy, I will share with you my tips about healthy trucker food.

Healthy eating is quite a challenge for truck drivers and a lot of them are missing out on their nutrition. I want to share my diet for truckers and that is why I made this video. Wanna be a trucker with healthy eating habits?

So, if you want to get more tips on staying physically healthy as an OTR trucker, to develope a truck driver meal plan or formulate a realistic OTR trucking diet, and how to stay healthy while trucking, watch this video now and learn from me, a truck driver with 19 years of experience!

Video Timecode:
0:00 - Intro
0:04 - A Truck Driver Eating Healthy on the Road is POSSIBLE
0:26 - What a Typical Truck Driver Eats In A Day
1:05 - HEALTHY Trucker Diet: Nutrition Matters
1:58 - Structure Healthy Trucker Meals APPROPRIATE For Your Lifestyle
2:52 - Diet Mistakes Most Truckers Do
4:11 - HOW to Be a Healthy Trucker: Find Solutions
5:07 - Truck Driver Fitness Tip: PUT Your Ego Aside And ASK For Help

Build the body that you want! Be the leader you family will be proud of!
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