EASY Sweet and sour Chicken Hong Kong Style #ziangs #recipe #cooking #chef #food #sweetandsoursauce

We as Ziangs food work shop bring you a Chinese takeaway EASY Hong Kong style sweet and sour chicken recipe! A how to cook Chinese takeaway Hong Kong style sweet and sour chicken could not be easier, here is a recipe for the quick and Hong Kong style sweet and sour chicken , a kitchen hack for and easy sweet and sour. Msg is safe and key in getting that takeout flavour, yes MSG is safe and used in fair more foods that just Chinese takeaway and Chinese takeout.

EASY Sweet and sour Chicken Hong Kong Style #ziangs #recipe #cooking #chef #food #sweetandsoursauce

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Aged garlic puree recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiVwnFLF2iE

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