Early Menopause In Women Yoga | Asanas for Menopause | Best yoga exercise for a Menopausal Age Woman

In this Video, Dr. Kanchan Sharma will tell you about Early Menopause In Women's Yoga

5 Yoga Pose for Early Menopause In Women's :
1. Sukhasan
2. Setu bandhasana
3. Leg up the pose [ Viparita Karani ]
4. Sheetli
5. Chandra bhedan

महिलाओं में शीघ्र रजोनिवृत्ति के लिए 5 योगासन :
1. सुखासन
2. सेतु बंधासन
3. लेग अप पोज़ [विपरीता करणी]
4. शीतली
5. चंद्र भेदन

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