Drink Less, Be Your Best: Disease

Drinking less alcohol can change your whole day—and the next day, and the next. Family and friends grow closer. Workouts get stronger. Meetings become more productive. Your outlook turns positive. It’s a better night’s sleep and you’re waking up the next morning without regrets. It’s a happier, healthier future. Drinking less can be the big difference you want to make in your life. And it can make a world of difference for the ones you love. There’s a better you when you drink less. Drink less, be your best. To learn more, visit www.CDC.gov/drinklessbeyourbest.

Transcript: Do you want to spend your golden years living with disease or ease? Drink less, be your best. Alcohol and you. Learn more. Logos of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services. www.CDC.gov/drinklessbeyourbest.

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