Dr. Zakir Naik on the Reason behind Disasters & Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

A severe Earthquake struck in Turkiye (Turkey) and Syria on the 6th of February 2023.
Dr. Zakir Naik in this video explains the relationship between the sins of humans and the disaster & calamities.
He also comments about the previous earthquake which struck Turkey.

Watch this video in Hindi/Urdu

*Major earthquakes kill thousands of people in Turkey and Syria*

Powerful earthquakes and aftershocks killed thousands of people and injured thousands more in Turkey and Syria, triggering frantic searches for survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings.

An initial magnitude 7.8 earthquakes hit near the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep at 4:17am local time (01:17 GMT) on Monday, as people were sleeping, at a depth of about 17.9km (11 miles). It was also felt as far as Cyprus, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Dozens of aftershocks followed, with a powerful 7.6 earthquake striking the Elbistan region of Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province at 10:24 GMT.

There were fears the death toll would rise significantly.

The Turkish government has declared a level 4 state of emergency, which includes a call for international assistance as well as the mobilization of all national forces.

Rescuers used heavy equipment and their bare hands to peel back rubble in search of survivors, who they could in some cases hear begging for help under the debris. The rescue was being hampered by a winter blizzard that covered major roads in ice and snow. Turkish officials said the quake made three major airports in the area inoperable, further complicating deliveries of vital aid.

Authorities urged people not to enter damaged buildings due to the risks.

Videos shared on social media showed harrowing images of buildings reduced to piles of rubble in several cities in Turkey’s southeast. Local broadcasters showed images of people gathered around destroyed buildings in the town of Kahramanmaras, looking for survivors. Other images showed people taking shelter in their cars on the side of snow-covered roads.

00:00 Intro
00:12 News on Earthquake in Turkey and Syria
01:22 Dr. Zakir Naik on Relation between Disaster & Sins of Humans
04:28 Comments of Dr. Zakir on the earthquake that struck in Turkey previously
05:22 Recitation of Surah Zalzalah by Omar Hisham Arabi (Credits: Rational Believer)

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