Dr. Gilbert Hosts: Life With Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease with Allison, Steven, Bryan and Julia

Young onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) is defined as Parkinson’s that is diagnosed before the age of 50 and includes about 10% of people living with PD. Younger people will experience the disease differently than those who are diagnosed older, in part due to their different life circumstances.
Employment, new relationships, and parenthood add particular challenges that those who are diagnosed at an older age may not have to manage. When and how to disclose the diagnosis to colleagues and loved ones is also of particular concern.
In this episode of Dr. Gilbert Hosts, Dr. Gilbert spoke with four inspiring individuals who are navigating these YOPD issues. Allison, Bryan, and Steven are all living with YOPD, and Bryan’s wife Julia brings the spouse/care partner perspective.

They shared their insights on:
• How to process a diagnosis of YOPD
• How to talk to children about PD
• How to navigate the workplace/career
• Dating/marriage with YOPD
• The importance of exercise
• And much more!

They also answered questions Live!

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