Dr Gholamreza Zamani - SMA Disease Treatment

At present, there is no cure for SMA. Those affected by the disorder can work with their health care providers to manage SMA symptoms and prevent complications, which can contribute to quality of life.

Among the approaches that may be recommended:

Medication: There are no current medications for treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. Several medications to improve muscle and nerve function are currently in clinical trials.
Braces, support devices and wheelchairs: These can help patients maintain their independence as long as possible.
Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation: In addition to therapy to keep joints flexible and to slow the progression of muscle wasting while improving flexibility and circulation, specific therapies for speech, chewing and swallowing may be appropriate. Proper feeding is essential to avoid aspiration (inhaling food or fluid into the lungs) and ensure good nutrition.
Ventilation assistance: Patients with breathing difficulties may require non-invasive ventilation to prevent apnea while sleeping, while others may need assisted ventilation during the daytime as well.
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