Doctor Reacts to THE LAST OF US // Episode 3

A departure from the previous episodes, we see the story of Bill and Frank in episode 3 of The Last of Us; as we examine the medical science from a real doctor's perspective... we talk about Frank's illness, jaundice, sepsis, gunshot wounds and refeeding syndrome.

00:00 Welcome!
00:16 Spoiler warning! And content warning!
00:27 Disease burden of the fungal infection
02:23 Infectious dose
03:17 Rapid testing
04:09 Refeeding syndrome
05:18 Strawberry surprise!
05:57 GSW to the abdomen
07:21 Surviving a GSW to the abdomen
09:00 Bill as a carer
10:28 Assisted dying
11:18 Frank's medical condition
13:01 Thank you for watching! Please come again soon, or even better check out another video of mine!

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