Do not hide unwanted things in the fog | Cognitive psych response to Peterson's Beyond Order

We're wrapping up Rule III from Jordan B. Peterson's Beyond Order: do not hide unwanted things in the fog. Like lobsters. Terrible thing to hide in the fog, despite how much we may want to. Got to air out those lobsters, make sure they get plenty of sunshine.

Things cut (or didn't come to mind until too late):
- It's interesting that he's opting for "he or she" instead of just "he" when talking about general people. Of course, I think we all know why he isn't working in the simpler-but-still-correct "they."
- I'm kicking myself for not seeing a point I set myself up for with regard to his example me-centered sentence. In addition to the things I talked about, there's also setting yourself up for gaslighting by adding "I am unsure if I am not just imagining all this..." as the wrong person would absolutely seize the opportunity to say that is exactly what's going on. Nothing to see here. You're always seeing things that aren't there, etc etc.

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0:00 "Do Not Hide Unwanted Things in the Fog"
1:48 Intro
3:22 "What is the Fog?"
25:30 "Events and Memories"
34:08 Chapter wrap-up
37:35 Credits

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