DMC 2021 Evidence Con Part 2

The rise of digital health comes along with questions of the appropriate evidence for the assessment of digital solutions. Digital health tools and the traditional evidence generation frameworks create challenges to each other: On one hand, traditional evidence forms such as the classical RCT do often not fit the dynamic and iterative development of digital solutions. On the other hand, with their data driven functionalities, digital solutions have the potential to allow for a continuous and dynamic assessment based on real world data of much higher quality than has been known before. The EvidenceCon is exploring evidence generation frameworks for digital health tools, seeking solutions to the challenges while making use of the potentials. The EvidenceCon is presented by hih, the German Society for Digital Medicine e.V. (DGDM) and the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe).

00:00:00 - 00:20:10 Study Design for Digital Measurement in Clinical Trials, Christine Manta (HumanFirst)
00:20:10 - 00:34:47 Digitally collecting patient-reported outcomes to establish wide-scale measurement of results, Valerie Kirchberger (Heartbeat Medical)
00:34:47 - 00:53:44 Innovations in Mobile Health Technology to Increase Patient Engagement in PROM Data Collection: the imPROVE Breast Cancer Care Experience, Andrea Pusic (Harvard Medical School, PROVE Center, SHARE Programme)
00:53:44 - 01:07:32 Q&A, Jan Benedikt Brönneke (hih)
01:07:32 - 01:15:04 WrapUp & Outlook, Jan Benedikt Brönneke (hih), Jen Goldsack (DiME) & Filippo Martino (DGDM)
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