Djokovic vs. Australia and Mandates Reach Supreme Court - Will & Amala LIVE

0:00 - Woke LOTR Writers Room
1:45 - Woke Teachers Groom Children
10:31 - Novak Djokovic's Dad Stands Up for Freedom
23:22 - Whoopi Goldberg "Shocked" to Catch Covid After Triple Vax
38:40 - Viral Tweet Asks If Lord of the Rings Were Made Today...
47:33 - 5 Things We Can Talk About for 30m Without Notes
55:28 - FUN FRIDAY: Playing Viral Game "Wordle"

Today Will & Amala talk about Djokovic’s battle with the Australian government, mandates in the Supreme Court, Lord of the Rings and diversity, and Fun Friday!

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Grooming Kindergarteners

Novak Djokovic’s Father Fires Back at Aussie Government

Whoopi “Shocked” She Got Covid Despite Triple Vax

PragerU is Hiring!

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Against Mandates

Gay Frodo

VICE Complains About Black Hair In Video Games

Aaron Rodgers Calls Out Writer Who Refuses To Give Him MVP Vote

Trending Game: Wordle

5 Topics I Can Talk About For 30 Minutes With No Prep
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