DIY Home Studio Treatment: Down to 25Hz with POROUS BASS TRAPS (with measurements)

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Learn how to build your own professional-looking broadband bass trap that works down to 40Hz and a diffusor front that keeps your high-end lively:

One of the things you’ll hear repeated regularly if you go down the DIY bass trap rabbit hole is:

You can’t control bass with porous absorbers. You need resonance absorbers (membrane, Helmholtz, whatever). Period.

Well, I beg to differ. :D

As always, it’s not a matter of possible or not, but HOW MUCH is possible.

My benchmark for the Better Bass Trap is 40Hz. Roughly speaking, that’s how low down you can expect to see improvement in your room if you use it properly.

Because HOW you use it can have a great impact on just how well it works! This is home studio DIY acoustic treatment after all.

Every room is different.

Sometimes your room is inherently at a disadvantage because of size and shape (although you can improve just about any room).

And sometimes you get the perfect storm.

Because of the odd placement of a chimney, my student Rudi Pravda ended up using the Better Bass Trap in a way that got him control all the way down to 25Hz!!

This is definitely an odd one out. But interesting all the more.

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