Diwali Burfi Lajwab [Healthy 3-Ingredient Dates Coconut Recipe without sugar, oil, jaggery]

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No oil, sugar/jaggery/ghee/butter coconut burfi with 2 ingredients only is here.
An amazingly delicious rich diwali treat is here. One recipe that requires no dairy or fat but uses 2ingredients alone to make a delicious sweet burfi to kick-start your Diwali festivities. Sweetened with dates, here's presenting a coconut burfi in a new avatar. It's rich from coconut butter, which itself is made from coconut alone and adds that delicious richness to the burfi. If you are a coconut lover, this delicious fudge is for you that makes a quick diwali sweets recipe. anyone looking for a diwali sweet recipe with little oil will be amazed at this coconut burfi vegan that uses coconut alone to deliver richness to the fudge.
How to make coconut butter with 1-ingredient in India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVS6M2grJJ0
How to make diwali special sweet dates para recipe in airfryer: https://youtu.be/jY8kqR4X6l0
What's more, you don't need sugar or jaggery or even any other sugar alternative to sweeten the fudge that transitions you to a coconut heaven. The super simple , easy, and quick burfi is ready in a jiffy and takes sweetness from date paste (homemade). Everything in this #healthyrecipe is #madefromscratch. How wonderful is that, right?
So if you are still looking for easy peasy diwali sweets and snacks, explore Ravneet Bhalla YouTube. You will find a pot full of healthy recipes, from cookies to cakes, sweets and snacks, desserts and savories, pakodas and dosas.
Connect with me today to unravel your experience of healthy eating. What are you waiting for? Let's jump-start a healthy lifestyle, for there is no looking back.
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Presenting gluten free diwali snacks that will become a regular. one healthy sweet recipe for diwali that is easy to make and sumptuous to taste. what makes the oil free recipe with dates for diwali special?i will post more date recipes and date syrup recipe for diwali. decoration ideas make your homes more beautiful. this diwali recipe without oil, sugar , jaggery is a treat for everyone. i call these diwali snacks in no time because they are ready in a jiffy. the diwali sugar free sweet is a good treat for one and all. this diwali sweets recipes no sugar is crunchy to the core and you can munch on these diwali sweets with less oil and sugar. i love these amaranth paras as diwali treats. for gluten free and sugar free cake, check my jowar cake recipe with dates. you will love the gluten-free diwali sweets. healthy diwali recipes or healthy diwali snacks are here. how to make dates paste? i will post that too so you can enjoy oil free recipes for diwali that are sugar free jaggery free. the sugar free recipes here are amazingly delicious sweets for diwali with no oil.
Yummiest #glutenfreediwalisnsnacks and sweet recipe is here (baked) and I categorise it as one of my healthy recipes for diwali 2021. date is 4th November.
Diwali special burfi recipe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDRnd...
Crispy and crunchy amaranth crackers for diwali sweet treats.
Oil free, sugar free gluten free dates para with amaranth
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