#disease #inflammatory Clonal expansion in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: friend or foe?


Bowel Disease is a known risk factor for colorectal cancer, however the sequence of events leading from chronic inflammation to neoplasia is not yet understood. Modification of stem cell dynamics has been described in the colonic epithelium of IBD patients, and studies done by our lab and others have shown that such modification of the behaviour of epithelial stem cells can prime the tissue for cancer development. In this study, lineage tracing was used in the Muc2 KO murine model of colitis, demonstrating the presence of beneficial stem cell expansions necessary for tissue repair and detrimental ones originating from cancer-driver-mutated cells in chronically inflamed tissue. This suggests the need for a therapy acting differently on the two types of expansion, to allow regeneration of the tissue without promoting tumour development.

Presented by Elisa Moutin, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (University of Cambridge)
Chaired by Anna Curle, University of Manchester

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