Disclosure of king Charles serious disease and cause of his swollen fingers, Queen Elizabeth II

EXCLUSIVE TRENDS| Since the announcement of the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and the appointment of her eldest son Charles, King of Britain, to succeed his mother.With the support of his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, King Charles stands as heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, pledging to do everything in his power to make a difference.
The new king topped the search platforms, and the cameras' lenses focused on every action he performed during his appearance on the screen.
Many attitudes aroused the resentment of the British people from his actions.
While his reputation is not good he will not reach the level of Queen Elizabeth in the hearts of the British.
The stigma the British still remember well when he confessed to cheating on Princess Diana and divorcing her after a while.
Several situations, the most recent of which was when she provoked a gesture made by the new British King Charles III, when he gestured with his hand to the workers to remove what was on the table, in a manner that some considered an insulting behavior at the beginning of the reign of King Charles.
But by examining the scenes in which King Charles appeared, he noticed severe swelling in the fingers of his hands.
What opened the door to speculation and expectations about the disease that the new king suffers from.
In this video, we will provide you with the answer to all these questions in a professional and transparent manner.
Let's get to the details.
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