Diagnosis & Treatment of Bile Duct Cancers | Dr. Sanjay Goja

Bile ducts are channels in the liver and outside the liver which carry digestive fluid. Bile Duct Cancer can be diagnosed by Ultrasound Imaging, CT-Scan and MRI. The treatment of Bile Duct Cancer is multimodal treatment and surgery is the backbone of the treatment. Treatment of bile duct cancer is very complex and is planned over for a long time to make it safe.

Dr. Sanjay Goja, Director - Liver Transplant, HPB and Liver Transplant at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram talks about the diagnosis and treatment of bile duct cancers.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:20 - How Bile Duct Cancer be diagnosed
1:29 - Treatment of Bile Duct Cancer
2:44 - How much of the liver is remnant after surgery
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