Diagnosis and Treatment of Gall Bladder | Dr. Sanjoy Kumar | Medanta Hospital, Patna

Watch this video of Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, Director- GI Surgery, GI Oncology and Bariatric surgery at Medanta Hospitals. To know more about Gallbladder disease, gallstones, its symptoms, complications and treatment options.

Several indications show that a person has Gallbladder disease. With gallstone, the person may suffer from high fever with coldness, and jaundice. Sometimes, acidity also is one of the major symptoms of gallstones.

In this video by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar, all the myths about laser surgery are busted.
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Chapters -
0:00 - Start: Gall Bladder
0:10 - What is Gall Bladder by Dr. Sanjoy Kumar
0:25 - Gall Bladder disease can Cause Cancer
1:10 - Gall Bladder stone can cause Jaundice
1:34 - Treatment of Gall Bladder
2:10 - Myth on Gall Bladder treatment

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