Designing Low Carb diets for Heart Health | Dr. Ethan Weiss

Low Carb doesn't have to equal high cholesterol and heart disease risk. Low Carb cardiologist Dr. Ethan Weiss shares his heart-healthy Low Carb diet.

Dr. Ethan Weiss, cardiologist and Prof. of Medicine at UCSF and low carb dieter for ~5y

last week’s video on cholesterol and saturated fat on low carb + low carb diet by a professional in heart health

ApoB. fats like cholesterol and triglycerides travel in our blood in lipoproteins

lipoproteins can enter artery wall and cause plaque. ApoB is a blood test that gives us a count of the number of those problem lipoproteins

is high cholesterol a problem on low carb? Dr. Weiss goes by ApoB given its implication in cardiovascular disease

is high cholesterol ok as long as HDL-c is also high and triglycerides are low? what’s your ApoB? HDL-c is a good marker of risk but probably not a mediator, not a cause

triglycerides appear to be mainly a reflection of the lipoproteins that carry them, ApoB

new trial: lowering triglycerides without changing ApoB didnt affect cardiovascular risk, targeting triglycerides per se may not be very useful for heart disease, the goal is to get the lipoproteins, the ApoB, in the healthy range

saturated fat and low carb: saturated fat raises ApoB, so Dr. Weiss looks at ApoB

calcium score: CAC=0 more meaningful in an older person. a young person with a high calcium score is a concern

calcium is not a good test of whether exposure to high cholesterol for a few years raises risk. statins raise calcium score while lowering cardiovascular risk. Statins have a plaque-stabilizing effect, the calcification may be related to this

are LDL particles harmless if not oxidized? Dr. Weiss considers measuring oxidized particles in circulation and trying to change that value a distraction, best evidence hasn’t shown an effect on cardiovascular risk. apoB in the healthy range is likely to get oxidized anyway

practical ideas on how to eat low carb while minding heart health. low carb doesn't have to mean high cholesterol, we’re not forced to choose between diabetes & high cholesterol

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0:00 Intro
0:30 ApoB
1:03 Recap: Cholesterol and saturated fat on low carb diets
4:00 Recap: the calcium score (CAC) and statins
5:30 Recap: oxidized lipoproteins
6:34 Dr. Weiss´ diet: Low carb for heart health
12:11 Fat types: oil & butter
14:10 Salt
15:18 Risk factors & importance of not settling
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