David Gilmore - LDS Prepper

David Gilmore, known as the LDS Prepper on YouTube. Posted his first video 10 years ago.

He was inspired by other YouTube prepper channels and wanted to share what he was doing and learning on his journey and preparedness.

Today his channel has over 200,000 subscribers and over 44 million video views.

Please checkout his quality videos and products at his website and YouTube channel, linked below!

Website - https://ldsprepperstore.com/

Youtube Channel – LDSPrepper https://www.youtube.com/user/LDSPrepper

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:57 How LDS Prepper Got Started
6:29 A Passion for Helping People Be Prepared
8:37 Value of Building Rapport With Your Customers

“Once You Educate Customers, Your Going To Get Sales”

14:19 Knowing Where Your Customers Congregate – Online / Offline
16:51 Top Seller – LDS Prepper Premium Micro-Nutrient Mix
19:30 Mittleider Gardening Course Book
22:08 Commercial Break
24:06 What I Like About Having an Online Business in the Prepping Industry
28:54 Continued Education and Growth for Sustainability is Needed Around The World
32:57 Personal & Business Goals For The Next Year
34:35 Other People's Traffic: Tips for Growing Your Online Youtube Channel / Business
40:33 Contact Info for LDS Prepper
41:50 Brian's Closing Thoughts

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