Dating of 'KALIYUGA' - Part 2 | Dr M L Raja | #SangamTalks

This is the final part in the series of Inscriptional Evidence of Kaliyuga and its Epoch at 3101 B. C. E. This part will discuss:
1.Analysis of important Inscriptions that are dated in Kaliyuga
2. The details of the Inscriptions that are dated in Kaliyuga and issued before 500 C.E.
3. Inference
4. Conclusion

About the Speaker:
Dr M.L. Raja is an Eye Surgeon, Archaeologist, Epigraphist, Historian and Director at AVINASH Research Centre. He has authored over 5 books on History and delivered over 100 lectures and research papers across academic institutions in India and abroad.

0:00 Introduction
12:07 Inscriptional evidence
43:02 Mackenzie's Kaifiyats/Village Records
47:14 Francis Buchanan Travel Journals
56:54 Southern Thailand Inscription
1:00:35 Final Analaysis
1:04:09 Languages and Places of the Inscriptions
1:05:20 Uniform Single Era Followed Throughout Bhaarat
1:06:10 Period of the Inscriptions
1:07:18 Conclusion
1:11:17 How long is Kaliyuga supposed to last?
1:13:10 Did Kaliyuga begin after Krishna's or Yudhishthira's leaving the earth?
1:6:10 Lifespan of people in the earlier yugas Vs Kaliyuga?
1:20:05 Scientific validation of traditional medicines mentioned in ancient texts?
1:25:05 Why do we still follow the Gregorian Calendar?

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