Darman: Types of anemia and its treatment - S3 - EP33 / درمان: انواع کم خونی و درمان آن - قسمت ۳۳

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Ariana Television Network (ATN) is a private television and radio network based in Kabul, Afghanistan. ATN was launched in 2005 and is the largest media network in Afghanistan. ATN’s focus is on information, content and entertainment that rekindles Afghanistan’s traditions and culture. ATN prides itself on providing easily accessible educational, Islamic, health, sports and children's programming to all citizens of Afghanistan. We take great pride in broadcasting accurate, unbiased news to the audience in real time. ATN is not associated with any political party or person and has no links with de-stabilizing elements within Afghanistan.
ATN’s goal since launch has been one of inclusion and education, providing a “Window for a Better Tomorrow” while exposing our radio and television audiences to the best of international arts & culture from around the world, we also expand opportunities for local writers, producers, actors, and directors within Afghan communities. Ariana Television provides first-rate broadcast services throughout Afghanistan, covering all 34 provinces and reaching over 35 million Afghans each day. ATN subscribers enjoy live programs through ATN’s robust free-to-air terrestrial network and satellite distribution.

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