Dahi Sandwich Recipe - 3 Ways Refreshing Snack | Hung Curd Sandwich - Healthy Kids Lunch Box Recipe

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Hung Curd Sandwich Recipe | Dahi Sandwich Recipe - 3 Ways with detailed photo and video recipe. An easy and simple super creamy sandwich recipe prepared with yoghurt, finely chopped vegetables and some mild spices. It can be an ideal sandwich recipe that can be an alternative to cheese or cream sandwich recipes. It is a perfect snack meal for all age groups, if not for the morning breakfast. This post shows 3 basic types of sandwiches and only takes minutes to prepare these sandwich recipes.

Hung Curd Sandwich Recipe | Dahi Sandwich Recipe - 3 Ways with step-by-step photo and video recipe. There are numerous Indian or desi versions of popular sandwich recipes across India. These are typically an extension of the traditional recipe which include basic sliced vegetables and basic spices. However, there some tailor-made desi recipes, and hung curd sandwiches or dahi sandwich recipes are one such creamy and healthy sandwich recipes.

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