Current symptoms and data

List of covid (mostly BA.5) symptoms, (as of 6th October)

Sore throat, 66%

Headache, 54%

Runny nose, 53%

Blocked nose, 53%

Cough, no phlegm 51%

Sneezing, 47%

Cough with phlegm, 47%

Hoarse, 43%

Muscle pains / aches 31%

Fatigue, 24%

Dizzy, 22%

Altered smell, 19%

Swollen neck glands, 19%

Chest pain,16%

Sore eyes, 16%

Earache, 15%

Shortness of breath, 15%

Chills or shivers,15%

Loss of smell, 13%

Fever, 12%

Full Zoe, transparent report

Professor Spector comments

While Covid increasing still at over 221,000 daily cases

- colds are rising even faster as the Zoe Health Study data shows.

The pattern show the strong links with kids returning to school each year.

Maybe we lost some of our cold immunity?

US, 14-day trends

Cases, down 23%

Test positivity, 9.1%

Hospitalized, (in hospital) 27,139, down 12%

In ICUs, 3,309, down 12%

Deaths, 391 (per day) down 11%
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