Crossbreeding Humans and Rodents as a Brand New Company | Rimworld: Genetics #11

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After the bio-weapon attack of Dr. Sarg, the High Stellarch dispatches Genecorp on a mission to clean up the mess and make the planet livable again, by any means necessary.

This modpack is focused on massively overhauling all things biological, with the main focus being the incredible Vanilla Genetics Expanded mod, supplimented by dozens of diseases, treatments, ailments, injuries and more.

=== Mod Pack Info ===

Full mod list, load order, mod configs found here:

Please note, not all mods are listed below due to Youtube description limits, please check the steam link for the full credits!

Featuring the incredible Vanilla Genetics Expanded made by talented friends in the VE Team:

Alpha Memes
Created by Sarg Bjornson

Arcadius' gift
Created by StatistNo1

Architect Icons
Created by marcin212

Archotech Expanded
Created by |SPQR| Teok

Bionic icons
Created by AUTOMATIC

Blood and stains
Created by Gouda quiche

Created by Fluffy

Bradson's Main Button Icons for Vanilla Textures Expanded
Created by bradson

Build From Inventory
Created by Uuugggg

Bulk Smelting
Created by NECEROS

CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+]
Created by CrashM

Created by Captain Muscles

Created by Brrainz

Character Editor
Created by VOID

Created by Hatti

Community Framework
Created by Turnovus

Compact Hediffs
Created by PeteTimesSix

Compressed Raid
Created by ryouta

Created by K

Cybernetic Warfare and Special Weapons (Continued)
Created by Mlie

Defensive Positions
Created by UnlimitedHugs

Designator Shapes
Created by Merthykins

Dire Raids
Created by pyrce

Dual Wield
Created by roolo

Dubs Break Mod
Created by Dubwise

Dubs Mint Menus
Created by Dubwise

Dubs Mint Minimap
Created by Dubwise

Dubs Performance Analyzer
Created by Dubwise

Ducks' Insane Skills
Created by ducks

Elite Bionics Framework
Created by Vectorial1024

Erin's Body Retexture
Created by Erin

Everybody Gets One
Created by Uuugggg

Faction Customizer
Created by Karmgahl

Fantasy Metals Reforged
Created by Lumi MercuryDoll

Faster Biosculpter Pod
Created by Inglix

Geological Landforms
Created by m00nl1ght

Created by K

Gold & Silver Ingots
Created by kongkim

Graphics Settings - Redefine RimWorld
Created by Maxim

Created by AUTOMATIC

HD Pawn Rendering
Created by bradson

Created by Brrainz

High quality textures
Created by AUTOMATIC

Created by UnlimitedHugs

Humanoid Alien Races
Created by erdelf

Impassable Chest-deep Water
Created by Another_Cursed_Username

Incident Tweaker
Created by AUTOMATIC

Industrial Armory
Created by Tyrannical_Elmo

Infinite Reinforce
Created by ㅇ

Insectoids Evolved
Created by NilchEi

Interaction Bubbles
Created by Jaxe

MiningCo. Spaceship
Created by Rikiki

Misc. Robots
Created by Haplo_X1

Misc. Robots++
Created by Honshitsu

Misc. Robots++ retexture [JGH]
Created by jeonggihun

Mod Manager
Created by Fluffy

More Android Backstories
Created by Daemon976

More Linkables
Created by 4loris4

More Vanilla Textures
Created by tidal

Music Manager
Created by Fluffy

My Little Planet
Created by ignis

Nals Facial Animation for HAR
Created by Daemon976

Nanomachines, Son!
Created by I exist

Netrve's DeepStorage GUI
Created by Drgn! Netrve

No Debris 1.3 reupload
Created by papymaj5

No Forced Slowdown (Continued)
Created by Syrus

No More Lethal Damage Threshold
Created by Jdalt40

Non uno Pinata (don't drop items)
Created by avil

Pawn Badge - (MISC) Job Icons
Created by Survivalmaster

Pawn Badge Fan Fork [Adopted]
Created by Ogliss

Created by Jellypowered

Performance Optimizer
Created by Taranchuk

Perspective: Buildings
Created by Owlchemist

Created by Fluffy

Pick Up And Haul
Created by Mehni

Plasteel Surgery (Continued)
Created by Mlie

Power Tools
Created by Simmin

Quality Bionics
Created by Rebel_Rabbit

ReGrowth: Expanded World Generation (Continued)
Created by Mlie

=== Music Credits ===

Getting it Done Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

NewsSting Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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