Cranial Nerve Examination - Deep Dive - Clinical Skills - Dr Gill

Cranial Nerve Examination - Deep Dive - Clinical Skills - Dr Gill

The cranial nerve deep diver, obviously starts with cranial nerve I. The olfactory nerve is your sense of smell, over this series of videos I'll be covering what most people have asked for, additional information on:

- The normal function of each cranial nerve
- How / why any special tests are performed
- crucially what is being looked at during each step of the examination.

For other cranial nerve examination explanation videos please look here:

Cranial Nerve Examination Demonstration:

Cranial Nerve I - Olfactory Nerve:

Cranial Nerve II - Optic Nerve

Cranial Nerves III, IV & VI

Cranial Nerve V - Trigeminal Nerve

Cranial Nerve VII - The Facial Nerve

Cranial Nerve VIII - The Vestibulocochlear Nerve

Cranial Nerve IX & X - Glossopharyngeal & Vagus Nerve

Cranial Nerve XI & XII - Accessory & Hypoglossal Nerve

I'm hoping to have this whole series finished this week - it was previously going to be delivered as a single video, but I think it would be more useful for people to be able to jump in and out to the various nerves they are wanting extra information on

Keep dropping the comments, and I'm really grateful for all the improvements people are suggesting, which is helping this channel to evolve - THANK YOU

Please note that there is no ABSOLUTE way to perform a clinical examination. Different institutions and even clinicians will have differing degrees of variations - the aim is the effectively identify medically relevant signs.

Different medical schools, nursing colleges and other health professional courses will have their own preferred approach to a clinical assessment - you should concentrate on THEIR marks schemes for your assessments.

Some people watching this video may experience and ASMR effect

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