Courageous Biden Dispatches Fighter Jets To Shoot Down 12 Dollar Science Project Balloon | Ep. 1116

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we may finally have the answer to the great UFO mystery, and for the Biden Administration, it's the most humiliating answer imaginable. Also, more shocking footage of the aftermath from the Ohio train derailment. But Pete Buttigieg says it's nothing to worry about because trains derail all the time. John Fetterman is hospitalized again. Concern grows that AI chatbots might become sentient and takeover the planet. And Chelsea Handler fires back at her terribly sexist and patriarchal critics, such as myself. 

00:00 - Opening
01:44 - Courageous Biden Dispatches Fighter Jets To Shoot Down 12 Dollar Science Project Balloon
13:27 - More On The Ohio Train Derailment
23:48 - John Fetterman Checked In Mental Health Hospital
26:51 - Is A.I. Becoming Sentient?
34:19 - Katie Hobbs Tries To Defend "No School Choice"
39:03 - The Comments Section
50:16 - Chelsea Handler Is Canceled

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