Could Russia Double Its Troops in Ukraine?

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The war in Ukraine has surprised practically all of us. The Ukrainian army has been able to repel Russian attacks in an impressive way, but while so far that has been good news, this could be about to change.

Vladimir Putin has carried out a massive mobilization and everything seems to indicate a second major offensive against Ukraine. The target: Kyiv. Putin has recruited no fewer than 300,000 people to change the course of the war. However, the recruitment has not been as idyllic as Putin had in mind and could have consequences. At the same time, doubts are growing as to whether Putin will be able to equip this new army.

How did the mobilization come about? How does this affect Putin? What could a second Russian offensive mean? When does Russia plan to attack? To what extent is it true that Russia has run out of ammunition?

*Script written by Jonathan Fernández
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