Communicating the Value of Ergonomics to Business Stakeholders

Ergonomics improves employee well-being, and leads to reductions in causal absenteeism, first-aid cases, modified duty cases, recordable injuries, lost-time cases, and workers’ compensation costs, among others. However, other business stakeholders, such as plant leadership, quality, operations, manufacturing, boards of directors, and investors, generally have a limited awareness or understanding of the value of ergonomics. They often overlook and underappreciate that ergonomics can improve business performance. This includes improving product quality, manufacturing performance, employee engagement, and even improving stock performance and corporate social responsibility. The speaker Mr. Blake McGowan presents how to communicate the value of an ergonomics process to different business stakeholders and to generate additional support for your ergonomics efforts. Mr. Blake McGowan is the Director of Ergonomic Research at VelocityEHS company. He oversees large-scale ergonomics initiatives that help organizations build internal ergonomics expertise using software solutions.


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