Committee on Civil Law and Data Practices Policy (continued) - 03/31/2022

S.F. 4025 (Rosen) Authorizing Opioid settlement proceeds deposit and allocation.

S.F. 3492 (Ingebrigtsen) Establishing Dept. of Human Services systemic critical incident review team.

H.F. 3254 (Pratt) Prohibited contract terms clarification regarding choice of venue.

S.F. 2768 (Ruud) Establishing certified salt applicator program.

S.F. 3501 (Draheim) Modifying physicians assistants provisions modifications.

S.F. 3193 (Howe) Authorizing exchange of mental health data among law enforcement mental health units, social services, and health care providers to coordinate necessary services.

S.F. 1729 (Hoffman) Modifying child welfare and maltreatment provisions.

S.F. 4318 (Johnson) Permitting complaints in certain forfeiture matters to be served by certified mail.

S.F. 2307 (Bigham) Creating Student Data Privacy Act.

S.F. 3920 (Mathews) Fraudulent business filings provisions.
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