Colon Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy & Surgery │ Patient Success Story | Max Hospital, Vaishali

Kishan Pal Bisht was suffering from stomach pain, abdominal distension, indigestion, vomiting etc., when he was diagnosed with Right Colon Cancer. The patient was under immense emotional turmoil. His case was referred to Dr. Vivek Mangla, Director, Gastrointestinal & HPB Surgical Oncology and Dr. Rajat Saha, Associate Director, Medical Oncology, who, on detailed evaluation, confirmed that the Intestinal Cancer had spread and was progressing towards the liver, pancreas and duodenum. The patient was prepared for endoscopy for food tube insertion and chemotherapy. After his initial improvement, he was operated on to remove cancer. Today, his health has revived, and is able to eat and enjoy his food without any complications.

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