Circus Freaks and Degenerate Gamblers

Come one, come all to Deep Fat Fried's coverage of the most fascinating carnies in history! Join us as we look back to the time where deformities were exploited for profit! We'll also look at the insidious addiction of gambling. How to people get sucked into massive debt, and who were the worst offenders? Subscribe to the Patreon for all your greasy news and uneducated educational content:

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00:00 Count Down
00:18 The Salty Banana
01:42 Biden is OLD
07:33 Circus Freaks
11:40 Siamese Twin S*x
25:56 Pillow Man Prince Randian
32:48 The Bearded Lady Annie Jones
39:40 Schlitzie The Pinhead
57:47 Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy
01:00:57 Myrtle the Four Legged Girl From Texas
01:11:20 Degenerate Gamblers
01:21:01 Gladys Knight
01:30:56 Pete Rose
01:35:14 Archie Karas
01:40:55 David Milch
01:48:18 Art Schlichter
01:53:49 The Warrior, Akio Kashiwagi
02:05:50 Terrance Watanabe, President of Oriental Trading Co
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