Choose Your Own Adventure Bros - Star Ship Traveller - Play Along Fighting Fantasy Book

#ChooseYourOwnAdventure Bros have moved on from the Forest of Doom to #StarshipTraveller another #FightingGantasy game book. #PlayAlong as we explore this new adventure game book that takes heavy inspiration from Star Trek. In Starship Traveller you play the captain of a new inter stellar vessel. Like Captain Piccard or Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. You may choose your own ship, and assemble your own crew, role playing as your favourite Star Trek crew is optional, and then you fight through the adventure book with Fighting Fantasy's mix of classic choose your own adventure turn paging decisions and more advanced dice roll based role laying combat mechanics. Starship Traveller opens up a rich diverse space opera setting all within the confines of a humble choose your own adventure book. Play along with the Choose Your Own Adventure bros and let Starship Traveller taking you exploring in the Galaxy.

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