Chocolate Granola Bar Recipe | No Oven Healthy Recipe | चॉकलेट ग्रनोला बार्स | Chef Sanjyot Keer

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Full written recipe for Granola Bars

Prep time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 25-30 minutes (excluding setting time)
Serves: 20 bars
ROLLED OATS | रोल्ड ओट्स 2 CUPS
ALMOND | बादाम 1/2 CUP (CHOPPED)
WALNUT | अखरोट 1/4 CUP (CHOPPED)
PUMPKIN SEEDS | कद्दू के बीज 1/2 CUP
SUNFLOWER SEEDS | सनफ्लावर के बीज 1/2 CUP
FLAX SEEDS | अलसी के बीज 2 TBSP
DATES | खजूर 20 NOS. (PITTED)
DRIED CRANBERRY | ड्राइड क्रैनबेरी 1/4 CUP
DRIED BLUEBERRY | ड्राइड ब्लूबेरी 1/4 CUP
HONEY | शहद 1/2 CUP
COCONUT OIL | नारियल तेल 1 TBSP
Set a pan over medium high heat & add the rolled oats in it once the pan gets hot, toast the oats while stirring continuously until they get slightly golden then transfer them into a large mixing bowl.
Set the pan back on the heat & then add the chopped almonds, cashews & walnuts, toast them while stirring until they get golden & then transfer them into the same bowl with the oats.
Further set the pan back on heat & add all the seeds & toast them similarly, transfer the toasted seeds into the same mixing bowl as the oats & nuts.
Let all the toasted ingredients cool down completely, meanwhile add the pitted dates into a mixer grinder jar & grind them into a finer paste, make sure you use soft dates as they are easier to grind.
Once the oats mixture cools down add in the dried berries along with the honey & mix really wel.
Further add the date paste & combine everything suing a spatula or your hands.
Once combined transfer the mixture into a butter paper lined baking tray & level it out using a spatula.
Then use a potato masher to press everything evenly, this step is very important, if you don’t press the mixture well then the bars will break while cutting them into pieces.
To level it out further, cover the surface with a plastic sheet or a clingwrap & move the rolling pin over it.
Place the tray inside the fridge for the bars to set while you melt the chocolate.
Place a heatproof bowl over a stockpot with boiling water, add the chopped dark chocolate & coconut oil, stir until the chocolate melts.
Once the chocolate melts remove it from the heat, get the tray from the fridge & pour the melted chocolate over the granola, spread it out evenly using a spatula.
Place it back in the fridge & let it set for 4-5 hours or overnight.
Once set demold it, remove the butter paper & cut it into bars according to your preference.
Your delicious, healthy & homemade granola bars are ready.

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