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It's 5am and this morning's yoga feels like the date 11/11

Auspicious perhaps

But we can't play with numbers unless we're being completely honest

11/11/2021 is the formal numerological destination for this particular earth spin cycle

Which is really a 9

9 is the number for "All planetary energies combined"

And... the end of a cycle

Whenever we see the end of a cycle, it's apparent that a new one is right around the cosmic corner

So, in honor of the blessings we receive I'll pontificate

on the breath coming and going without our need to facilitate

but with the option and choice to participate

we can regulate our energy as we anticipate

because life lets us choose to proliferate

or obliterate

to understand the necessity of both is to commiserate

And to overcome the latter is to invigorate

with passionate rage

take action my sage

BC all the medication you'll ever need is inside of you

All the meditation you'll ever need is inside of you

You are the guru

Not him, he, her or she

Nor they or them

It's WE


The collective experience is holographically felt through your individual beingness

However the conscious MIND finds it difficult to accept the totality of reality

It's bananas overload in your dome piece

So the BRAIN filters

mostly through inhibition of the massive informational onslaught that is life

Kind of like tantra

Trim the unnecessary and leave you with a pure experience

a constantly fluctuating stimulation of your sensory system that quite possibly provokes your brain instrument to respond with a hallucination of reality

Man I didn't see this morning's prescription description going here, but

here we go


If you're anything like me

And I happen to know that you are

You've probably already asked yourself the question


I mean, don't ask me

I've searched through all the science to find definitions of life

I've studied the many religions of the world to find meaning of life

I've read books and listened to lectures and put various plant chemicals in my brain thingy


I've still got questions

Of course, of course, of course

We can extrapolate the laws of atomic physics and expand outwardly unto atrophysics

We can streeeeetch our bodies to allow our minds to widen and perceive larger amounts of truths in reality

hence the point of yoga... which is only to prepare the mind for meditation

hence the point of plant medicine... to take you to a place you wouldn't go willingly

I mean... you ate the plant willingly but if someone truly detailed what you were about to experience there would most likely be less active participation

It's the curiosity that gets you to open up and say ahhh. After you swallow... let's just rest on the word intense for now

indescribable works too...tho I've got some descriptions that may ease the pussy cat of curiosity in your mind's eye ball

ut oh

Immensely huge and beyond anything you've imagined before

Pure provocation of sensation that overloads your logical brain to prepare you for insane realization

bc you're about to wake up from the dream state to realize you've been making it all up

that you constantly convince yourself with this story of I, me, my, you, us, we, them, they...

using words as labels and only identifying the pieces and ingredients

you're eating wheat... but also pasta... but also dinner

accepting all levels of reality is more complex then what's on your plate

you're an animal, a human, flesh and spirit,

all of the paradigms that can be organized through repetitive behaviors become the reality

And the stages of individual evolution bring us to the eventuality of our very existence

You were an infant with no skills

You can't walk or talk and you constantly sh*t yourself

Then you learn something and think you know it all

Then you learn a bit more and realize you know nothing

Did I mention btw that there is a video of me cracking someone's spine up there

Then there's a period dedicated to your growth

then dedicated towards service

then dedicated towards family

and bc it happens in different intervals per individuals

and the timelines are interwoven in themselves and our collective selves

creating a fabric of experiences that meshes together

and the fibers of our reality have infinite interconnectedness that are impossible to interpret and the experience lies beyond definitions and the words are lost in translation so instead we feel the reality with music and dancing and giving and taking, love making, bitcoin staking, exchanging energy, perhaps diaphragmatically

And then at the end we're like...

"11:11 make a wish"

lol get tf outta here



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