Cheap Healthy Meals to Save You LOTS of Money! 20 Meals for $12

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I thought it would be fun to go back to my original style extreme budget video and share one that isn't GF! But no need to worry, you can make a few adjustments as needed! If you're new to my channel WELCOME! I started making budget videos about 18 months ago when my husband and myself started our debt free journey! Exactly 1 year ago we became debt free and started the next step in our plan, buying a home! We moved into our home in December 2021! You can find a full debt free journey story and a home tour if you're curious! If you're thinking "than why are you still making budget videos!?" by this point, I don't blame you!! We're on the 3rd step of our plan which is ADOPTION! We budget for low cost meals so we can save all of our extra pennies to put into our adoption fund! We might make a video on that soon --- so subscribe and turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video!

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Easy Lentils *stovetop:

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