Chat with friends in Mombasa and healthy cooking, mango fish stew, mchicha and Ugali Karibu!

Why does Ugali flour taste bitter, GMO maize maybe aflatoxin? Making my own special meal flour Met Ruth an adult learning to read and write, she needs help to buy school uniform and supplies Met a domestic abuse survivor, she hopes a woman president will address the stigma of barren wives and help them to start a business The local trader is a man and he will support a woman president and vote for her. He decries the cost of foodstuff which is expensive even for traders Farida at the corner shop is a budding musician who needs help to record a video Ronald is a youth in Shanzu Mombasa who need your help with equipment so that he can do YouTube videos and learn to read and write. I try to make mango fish using Ruth's recipe. It turns out great Mombasa people are friendly and kind. Welcome to African Queen Mo Channel. If you want to support any of those I met today please email me at [email protected] or comment and I will reach out to you thank you!
Healthy food
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