Carcinoid Tumor | Overview for Med Students | Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis

This video covers the pathophysiology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of a carcinoid tumor and carcinoid syndrome. It is ideal for med students and for newly qualified doctors who need a refresher on endocrinology.

What is it? A Carcinoid tumour is a slow-growing neuroendocrine tumor that originates in hormone-producing cells that line the digestive tract.
Symptoms? Major symptoms include diarrhea, wheezing and facial flushing.
Diagnosis? The diagnosis can be confirmed by measuring the amount of one of the chemical byproducts of serotonin (5-HIAA) in the person’s urine.
Treatment? Surgery, embolization, somatostatin analogues

0:00 Introduction
0:08 What is a carcinoid tumor?
0:51 What is carcinoid syndrome?
1:07 Symptoms
1:56 Diagnosis
2:56 Treatment
3:42 Prognosis
4:10 Summary
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