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Welcome to Issues and Insiders.
Come tomorrow that is Saturday February 4th we mark World Cancer Day.
That being said today we address the prevalence of this disease and more.
And for that purpose I have Doctor Ihn Yohan from Severance Hospital here in the studio.
Doctor Ihn it's a pleasure to have you here.
I also have Doctor Alice Tan from MizMedi Women's Hospital with us as well.
Doctor Tan it's been a while since we had you here.
Welcome back.

1) Professor Ihn, let's start with a few words on the rate of cancer per country and its impact on mortality, including here in Korea.

2) And Doctor Tan, before we advance any further, do tell us a bit about World Cancer Day and its significance.

3) Professor Ihn, what do you believe are the main causes of cancer here in Korea?

4) Doctor Tan, generally speaking, where does Korea stand in terms of cancer prevention, detection and treatment?

5) Also, with regard to treatment, Professor Ihn, how does Korea's cancer survival rate compare to that of its counterparts worldwide?
And how do you explain it?

6) By the way, Doctor Tan, I understand the number of foreigners seeking medical care here in Korea had been on a steady rise before being interrupted by the pandemic.
How do you explain this reality?

7) And Professor Ihn, has there been a tangible boost in the number of cancer patients from abroad seeking care at your hospital?
Also, what more can you tell us the "tailored treatments" offered there?

8) Doctor Tan, it's been said that "about a third of common cancers are preventable and treatable."
So, what are they, and how can they be prevented?

9) Professor Ihn, broadly speaking, has Korea's handling of the pandemic especially in its early stages served to raise the country's image in the global medical arena?

10) Doctor Tan, Korea hopes to expand its role in the global healthcare arena.
What do you propose to make this hope a more firmly rooted reality?

11) And Professor Ihn, what do you suggest to enhance Korea's medical infrastructure and to ultimately offer better care to patients not only from here but also overseas?

12) Doctor Tan, starting this week, indoor mask requirements have been eased here in the country, do share with us some safety tips as we step into this new phase of life amid COVID-19.

13) Professor Ihn, health authorities here are also looking into the possibility of lifting mandatory isolation for COVID-19 patients.
How do you respond to this potential measure?

All right.

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