Can ChatGPT pass a Stanford Med School Final?

I gave ChatGPT a final exam from my Stanford med school course on clinical reasoning. Did it pass? Plus a discussion on the implication of this for medical education.

Thumbnail image was produced by DALL-E 2 from the prompt "A robot taking a written test while a doctor watches it."

@0:00 Introduction
@2:38 A description of clinical reasoning
@4:57 A question-by-question description of how the bot did
@12:18 An answer to the title question: Did the bot pass the exam or not?
@14:04 ChatGPT vs. case studies from MGH and the New England Journal of Medicine
@16:29 Summary of ChatGPT's strengths and weakness when it comes to "analyzing" clinical cases
@19:57 Discussion of the implications of the existence of ChatGPT for medical education
@25:34 Epilogue (1 month after filming the video)
@28:11 Poetry reading

#ChatGPT #meded #artificalintelligence
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