Cambridge Brighter Thinking Pod – Ep 20: Teach Students How to Learn: Metacognition

The word ‘metacognition’ can be a bit daunting when you first hear it. Fear not, in this episode we explain all – from definitions to practical strategies for the classroom.

The host for this episode is our very own Insights Manager, Silvia Pirola. She is joined in the virtual studio by three expert guests. Dr Saundra McGuire is an internationally renowned learning strategist and Professor Emerita at the Louisiana State University, USA. Tom Healy is an IB Diploma and MYP English Teacher at the Ostrava International School, Czech Republic. And Suzanne Delassiaz is an IGCSE and A Level Maths Teacher at Brussels International Catholic School, Belgium.

Show notes:

Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring – baseline assessments -

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Panel webinar: Reach Metacognitive Equity by Teaching Students How to Learn -

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Dr Saundra McGuire’s books -

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