I am Dr. Nasser Masud Malik and I am in this medical profession for last 44 years i.e. since 1977. I have done and doing different jobs of clinical and teaching in different tertiary care hospital. I have 21 years of teaching experience to different classes like FCPS class, 3rd year M.B.B.S class, 4th year M.B.B.S. class, General Nursing class, B.Sc. Nursing class, MLT class, Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) class in Allama Iqbal Medical College my Alma matter and other medical institution.
As I have been teaching Anatomy and mostly Microbiology so my lectures are on Microbiology. Since I have my own clinic by the name of Canal View Poly Clinic since 1985 with 37 years of clinical experience. I am also presenting lectures on different clinical topics also.
In the presence of far similar lectures my lectures on Microbiology and clinical topics are near complete and best in every aspect, easily understandable. Whatever the knowledge I have got from different sources available like books, reference books, journals etc. I am going to make it converge in one lecture. I am sure that after viewing my lectures students will not need to read any other book or take help from any other source.
This initiative I have taken after many of my students said that after attending my lecture they don’t need to consult any book. The lecture gives sufficient knowledge to pass exam easily.
The lectures are near complete in every aspect,
As I have studied on you tube there are no such comprehensive and complete in every aspect lecture available on you tube so I am trying to provide that.
Lectures are meant for undergraduate and post graduate medical, Dentistry, Nursing, DPT, MLT, students who want to learn Microbiology. Clinical lectures are meant for undergraduate and post graduate medical students, House officers, Medical officers and doctors of different specialties to refresh their knowledge on different clinical topics.
I will not hesitate to accept your suggestion and comments.
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