Building a Second Brain + Writing a Book with Tiago Forte

I'm back! Very excited for @Tiago Forte's book, named after his Building a Second Brain (BASB) system, and this is the first time I invite a guest on the channel. We sat down and talked about:

00:00 Intro
00:53 The biggest exam you'll ever have to take
03:13 The evolution of Tiago's note-taking system
06:26 Note-taking versus note-making
09:15 The legacy of school
11:31 The need for mindful productivity
13:28 Tiago's book writing process
19:48 Learning and working in public
21:47 The three or four (?) note-taking archetypes
30:49 Getting started with your second brain
33:47 Squishy Squishy!
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