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Three most wanted funny healthy habits videos for clever kids and caring parents:

Kids will understand, that brushing teeth is a healthy habit. The clever toothbrush fights the tooth-monster. Sing along with the singing tooth. See how a hole in a tooth can be fixed easily.

Let's watch "Genki Park" - A safe place for clever kids.

Learn English, live healthy.


Brush me, brush me,
I Iove to be shiny.
Brush me.
Oh, ouch, Candy!
Oh no.
Brush me, brush me,
I am very dirty.
Hh! The tooth-monster.
Hehe, hoho, yes!
Oh, some lemonade.
Jupdidupdidoo, dirty dirty dirty.
Brush me. BRUSH ME!
See you soon.
Brush, come back!
It's cleaning time.
Brush, brush!
I brush you away!
Here is the filling. Bye.
Magic blue light! Bye bye.
Brush me, brush me,
two times every day.

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childrens song - बच्चों का गीत - bachchon ka geet - canção infantil - ਬੱਚਿਆਂ ਦਾ ਗੀਤ - 童謡 - canción infantil - 동요 - dong-yo - lávese las manos - lave as mãos - अपने हाथ धोएं - apane haath dhoen - was je handen - ellerinizi yıkayın - maghugas ka ng kamay

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Production and Music by Hörzauber
Animation by Bart Art Studio
All rights reserved by Genki Park.Genki Park - a place for kids to laugh, sing and learn. For kids it is important to eat healthy food. But Tummy is always hungry and loves sweet and salty food. Tummy gets sick. Luckily the two handfriends help him, and Dr. Genki Chan has some yellow magic tea to make him feel better. Hooray! Sing along to the simple kids songs. Learn easy english. Meet Dr. Genki-Chan. Meet the helpful bird Yuyu and the two clever hand-friends. Here you find the best healthy habits songs and videos. Loved by many kids. When you are a teacher, you can show this videos in your class.

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geonganghan eumsig kijeusong - geonganghan bab meoggi - yachaesong - gandanhan nolae - yeong-eogongbu

健康食品兒歌 - 吃健康的一餐 - 蔬菜歌曲 - 簡單的歌曲 - 學習英語
Jiànkāng shípǐn érgē - chī jiànkāng de yī cān - shūcài gēqǔ - jiǎndān de gēqǔ - xuéxí yīngyǔ

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Phelng dĕk xāh̄ār pheụ̄̀x s̄uk̄hp̣hāph - kin xāh̄ār pheụ̄̀x s̄uk̄hp̣hāph - phelng p̄hạk - phelng ng̀āy« - reīyn p̣hās̄ʹā xạngkvs̄ʹ

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Healthy Food Kids Song - 健康的な食事を食べる - 野菜の歌 - シンプルな歌 - 英語を学ぶ
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Production and Music by Hörzauber
Animation by Bart Art Studio
All rights reserved by Genki Park.

Hand has a boo boo. Ouch! Hurry Dr. Genki Chan! With desinfection and a bandaid Hand feels better real soon. Plus: Dr. Genki Chan knows a magic Boo Boo Song, and the hurt is gone in no time. This funny song and cartoon is educating at the same time. A child has not to be afraid of small injuries: Boo boos can be treated quickly and with no pain. Get to know new friends in Genki Park: Ladybug and the smart bird Yuyu.

Lyrics/Words: When you have a boo boo

What happend?
A Thorn! Ouchy!
Hm! Don’t worry hand! You will be fine!
Thank you! Yuyu!
Hu! See!
Band aid please!
This one is will fit! Thank you, Yuyu!
Feels much better!

What happened?
I fell down!
Uahhhh… Uffz! Boo boo!

When you have boo boo, sometimes you cry.
I sing this song, and it soon will be gone.
Bye bye boo boo, boo boo bye bye!

Feeeels better!

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Production and Music by Hörzauber
Animation by Bart Art Studio
All rights reserved by Genki Park.

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